Reflections for Father’s Day

Reflecting on this day, worthwhile indeed, to say, thankful for this day.

Father’s Day.

On this day, funny thing, things on my mind. I think about my own dad, now gone three years. I think about what he was to me, really, so much, maybe everything, to me.

He helped me be me, the best me I could be. From the very beginning right up through so many struggles and obstacles and lessons and adventures and some victories too. He filled me with his belief and his love and his approval to be exactly who I should be, could be.

And now I’m a dad myself, times three in fact. And I want more than ever to be everything my dad was for me, be those things for my kids.

For sure they are the first priority, for sure I feel the need and the power and the ability to rise to the occasion for them. I want to empower them and guide them and fill them with belief and courage and faith to be exactly what they’re meant to be too.

They’re on the front end of their lives: we’ve thrown them quite a curve ball with a two household model now; but there’s no less the love for them, commitment to them; maybe somehow even more.

I know I feel more certainty and purpose and love than I’ve ever felt before. I will lift them up, be their rock, be the foundation on which they can stand and step out into the world; continually into the world, until my last breath this vision, this certainly is,

Is the most important thing I can do, for them, for love,

I’ve failed at love in some ways, failed marriages, love that could not be sustained somehow,

But this love, my love I feel and commit to with our kids, it transcends everything else.

Why do I share this on Father’s Day, or any day, in this blog?

Because that is the very purpose of these words, this blog, as a portal to share much of what comes through me, but not just for me, for you too. You too.

So Happy Father’s Day to my dad Howie, to his memory,

And to the many dads I know who are also my friends,

And thinking especially about another dad gone too soon, decades too soon, Happy Father’s Day Pat Welsh, in your memory too,

I hope I can be something of the dad you were to your three boys, greatness for sure in the men they’ve become,

And raising my glass and my prayers of love and thanks to all dads everywhere,

All power, and purpose, and love indeed,


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