Reflections, Week Off, First Up, LOVE

Main lessons from the week off work, with the kids, adventures here and there.

First and foremost, Love. Always it seems to come back to this foundation. Why?

It’s the basis of all motivation, I think. At least for me. At least that’s what I try for.

Frustrated? Need more patience? More love.

Need to dig deeper? More love.

Kids not listening? More love.

A bit (or a lot) lonely? More love. Give more love.

Again and again this came up this week. I was surprised, since I didn’t have the added dynamic of work in the front of my mind.

And so as things unfolded, that was my constant reminder:


More Love.

Give More Love.

Express More Love.

Let Love provide patience.

Let Love allow you to cope and improvise.

Let Love lead.


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