Stay Open, Patient, and Listen

These three came at me in a rush, like my three kids, maybe. As seems to often happen to me, it’s the switch-up, the change of pace, that provides perspective, new lenses, a catalyst to realize the obvious, or not so obvious, right under your nose.

This simple trifecta of awareness during a week off with the kids, simple life lessons, reminders:

Be Open. To ideas, change, the unexpected. Look for the path forward; it might not be where you think. Be open; it will show itself.

Stay Patient. It’s good to have a quick pace at times, but if you get slowed, detoured, knocked down, don’t give up. Stay patient.

Listen. To others, those around you, whether you want to or not, sometimes, listen. And listen to yourself too. Sometimes there’s a long pause. Sometimes the voice is a finally heard, a whisper. Sometimes it’s in the voices of crazy little kids, even. Listen.

Oh and maybe a bonus too: Keep your sense of humor; don’t get too serious for too long; keep it fresh.

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