Vamos Gigantes !

As I scribble this down for Sunday’s post, I of course don’t know the outcome of Saturday night’s Game 2 of the SF Giants v. LA Dodgers, first round of the MLB Playoffs 2021. Who really cares? Well, lots of fans on both sides. I fall on the Giants Side.

In the end, cheering and “caring” about the outcome is a bit of a luxury really, all things considered. It’s a nice distraction; that’s one of the nicest things about sports, I think. Sport affords us a temporary respite from the challenges, struggles, set-backs, etc. that life hands us day to day.

In this particular case, this series has also given me a channel for reconnecting with folks I’m not as in touch with regularly as I’d like. Giants fans. Dodgers fans. Whatever, the banter is fun, and hell, if the Giants win too? A little more icing on cake. : – )


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