A Tribute: Grandpa Mort

Family, parties, storytelling, all catalysts to express and experience love.

His daughter, mother to my sisters-in-law, humbled me with a gift a few years, a home-made holidays vest.

The nickname “Mort”… from last name Morton. What a great bunch, that family; I never met Grandpa Mort, but I know his daughter.

One of the truest collection of people who believe and celebrate family life like few I’ve experienced.

My brother married in, OUR whole family was blessed as a result. Grandpa Mort’s daughter, my brother’s mother-in-law. She introduced herself to me as “Mort” all those years ago.

Such a great family. Such a great vest. Such a great family spirit.

I only hope a little of the vest’s magic wears off on me.

Im sure I’ll say it again as the season continues. In the spirit of ol’ Grandpa Mort, Happy Holidays, one and all !

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