3/27, Remembering GMD

Might have shared this before, my family is big on initials.

GMD, my maternal grandfather, left us more than 20 years back,

Still think about him, his lessons, his manner, think about that often, maybe most days,

A hard worker, a fair guy, and educator and financially astute fellow,

A cattleman, a cowboy of sorts, more a rancher, a hunter,

I’m not much of those things, my life has taken many turns differently than his,

Hard work, I buy into that,

Early to bed, early to rise, I’m more into that as I get older too,

But I’m still striving to be like him,

A bit more of a perfectionist, maybe a lot,

I keep striving, remembering the spirit of my grandpa,

Happy Birthday, GMD, 3/27.


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