Sample: Morning Mindset

Why scribble down upon first awake?

Why not…?

Short View: Make it GOOD. Go!

Long View:

Capture the first moments, feelings, setting pace and tone for the day.

First, from where? From Deeper Sleep, just complete, too fast, most always too fast,

Already time to wake in the dark, respite no more, feels like the slog beginning,

Strange, where is the hope? Hiding somewhere it seems, not immediately evident,

Hope in little things, like hot coffee brewing, full pot soon awaits,

Children sleeping, everyone tucked deep, deep in their sleep, sweet slumber, after prayer,

Said their own prayer, lead their own prayer, last night, maybe an opening? Faith to share, should, had helped me, helps me so.

From the darkness my mind sets, body becoming awake, repeated sneezing, body objecting, or maybe just resisting,

The cold floor, cold start, cold comfort, we’re all the same, face the same dawn, each day,

Why do I insist on this writing? The way to have, share my voice, my simple choice, makes all the difference for me, if just even a small difference out there?

All the better, all the better.

And thus the day begins again, mind set, to make it good.

It’s up to me, to make it GOOD.


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