Remembering Welshy: Convo from the Brick Wall

I recall the convo pretty vividly.

About seven years back.

He called while I was at the bank; I stepped over to the side of the building, Sat down against the brick wall to chat.

I was On speakerphone; Kathy, Pat’s wife was with him in the car.

Yep, think this was the first time I heard news of the cancer first person.

He fought for something like three years. Every treatment he could get. Saw him a few times during that period. It was evident he was in the battle of his life. It was also evident he wasn’t giving up until he took his last breath.

That happened four years ago.

We all miss him. Miss him a lot. His smile, his spark, his humor, his zest for life.

He lives on in his family, and friends too…we all remember him, and the love lives on.

“Living the dream.”

Thinking About Our Friend, Pat Welsh, 1967 – 2018

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