And Now, King Charles

After decades in waiting as heir apparent to the crown, Charles Philip Arthur George [Windsor] ascends to the seat as Britain’s new monarch after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

He’s waited nearly a life time to take on this role, and tasks before him are considerable: he’s not nearly as popular as his mother, questioning support in Britain for the monarchy, and all the current pressures of practical import to most people – putting food on the table, paying the bills, wanting to live in a just society.

King Charles pledged to lead with loyalty, respect, and love. Certainly a good start. If he can do so, and thus provide continuity to the path his mother followed in her lifetime, he will do well by the crown.

Queen Elizabeth certainly provided countless examples of royal leadership during her decades long reign. These don’t seem to have been lost on the new king.

As Willem Marx of NPR reported of Charles’ first public words as king,“… in the most emotional words of his entire delivery — he thanked the woman he called his “darling Mama” for her love and devotion.”

Indeed, if now King Charles can bring a similar love and devotion to lead and inspire Britain during this critical period of economic and social change, he’ll do right by the crown.

Reminder too, he now leads not only the United Kingdom, but a total of 56 member states in the commonwealth.

Indeed, there is plenty of opportunity to have a positive effect on many, many people.

Certainly this work, these changes will not be completed in his lifetime, but Charles can play an important role in moving the country and commonwealth forward in helpful manner.

It will be interesting and instructive to watch how it all unfolds.

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