Tacos For Breakfast, Lessons Learned

Tacos For Breakfast, Lessons Learned, lessons learned.

One kid asked for tacos for breakfast, inspired by Taco Bell the night before, left over from one kid who didn’t chow down,

Then dad deciding to make tacos with a couple three frozen burgers, seasoning, tortillas, cheese, some shredded lettuce,

Whipped up together in no time, then protest and protest and protest again,

Then that same protest kid gobbled them down, not two but four, gobbled them down,

I should know by now how it goes, why the struggle, why we struggle so, dad lesson here, must know the struggle, the parenting struggle of feeding your kids,

Efforts throw together for food, meals thrown together, best intentions, cool the grumbling, make it better, for them, for them,

My job my job, for them, for them,

And so tacos for breakfast if that’s what it takes, takes for me to be, be better, be better, for them, for them.

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