I’ve met people throughout my life who seemed to be steadfast. What does this mean, “steadfast”…?

I’d say they (at least seemed) more certain than most of their path, what they were capable of, and most of all, fully committed to doing what they could across all aspects of their lives.

Fair to say at each phase of my life right up to this moment really, there are folks that fit this description above. Of course, I’m not so naive to think that they project this attitude, etc. with no difficulty, struggle, challenge…the main point is, they see through those obstacles and keep going forward. Sometimes it’s only an inch at a time, but forward they continue all the same.

These people, they inspire me. I aim to channel their energy, to follow suit, to demonstrate their fortitude, resolve, commitment to the effort itself, regardless of outcome,

I strive to be steadfast.

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