Alternate Methods

There are sometimes (often?) different ways to accomplish the same goal.

Here’s a dermatologic example, irritated skin. From insect bites to other environmental factors – think topical allergic reaction, as with poison oak – one can have a nasty reaction that leaves the skin red, itchy, irritated. No fun.

One solution: using a healing lotion to coat the skin; the lotion sinks into the pores, soothing the reaction.

Another solution? Use of cold compress or cold water bath to numb the skin, thus providing relief.

You might guess this example comes from personal experience. And if you guessed thus, you’d be right.

The point is, if one so- called solution to a problem doesn’t work, try another. Don’t give up; keep after it.

The main objective is to accomplish the goal – reduce the itching – whichever solution works for you.

Alternate methods, whatever moves you toward your goal,


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