Full Flight

Timestamp: 1:41am. Mind unleashed, from the darkness to full flight in a moment. Like a bat of hell, as they say.

Intent on a good night’s rest, then from slumber to thoughts racing in an instant. Full effort to restrain, slapped away repeatedly until released, thoughts in full flight, wings flapping like mad, unrelenting.

Away to the heights of dark black sky, nothing to do now but let them flap and flutter, soon tired, then to ground again, to slumber again,

Again tormented, again losing control of my thoughts, sneaky mind, waiting until I’m at rest, then fighting my preferred mental space, not a trace of the calm I seek, desire,

Unrelenting attack on my sensibility, peace, but I will not give up, back down, relinquish in effort,

I will go forward,

I will get control,

I will find discipline for the racing mind, engage the better path again, again.

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