The Authentic Self

This I seek, this I seek…

Seeking the “authentic self”, a noble, life-long goal, but…

Just what does it mean?!? Many angles, many answers indeed, let’s consider a few,

Being in touch with our true desire, sense of justice, and what is good and right, the deep-down-how-we-want-to-live each day,

Should it be tempered? Perhaps tempered by temperance…

After all, unfettered abandon in pursuit of pleasure, satisfaction, satiated appetite, wanting of things, this might be the authentic self to the fortunate few, the young, the uninitiated in life,

And so some “self” we come to after consideration of what we believe, what is possible, in our mind and in the world, as it is or as it could be,

This might be the “more true” self…more truly authentic…that’s what I will say, in any event, that’s what I will seek, in any event,

And take input from close counsel, those respected, loved, and who love you, that you may have a broader view of the authentic,

High-minded ideals or attainable in some way, each day, in a lifetime? Time will tell, and in my best moments, thus forth shall I seek,

And hope to goodness that I stay the course otherwise, not to falter, but stay on the path.

[ADDENDUM: I realize reading through this post that my language is a bit cloudy; also, that I’ve employed a practice I’ve employed with increasing frequency, phrases only separated be commas; well, that’s where I’m at right now. Thanks for staying with me and reading all the same.]

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