“Little Ukraine” Brazil

Across continents and seas alike, to the southwest, a hundred years earlier, Ukrainians fled an Imperial Russia in turmoil. They fled the Bolsheviks, fled what would become the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

For some context on the distance, the latitude of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, is 50 degrees North; the latitude for Curitiba, on e of the Brazilian cities most populated by Ukrainians, is 25 degrees South.

In the 1920’s, thousands of Ukrainians fled their homeland to Brazil, with the promise of fertile land to work, much the same as their native Ukrainian lands, then under siege and famine, by Stalin’s Soviets.

And now Brazil’s Little Ukraine is providing refuge for Ukrainians again.

As Vladimir Putin wages war on Russia’s ancient brethren to the south, Ukrainians have fled the country by the millions.


Human migration has always been of interest to me. The following story via NPR captures a great example of human fortitude, perseverance, and generosity too.



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