Mathematically Grounded

Unhinged, flailing, a bit unsure how to regain purchase, find the ground?

Weird to be in this situ, feeling, filling in the gaps, trying to pull-in, reset.

Unexpected some, certainly unwanted, want to find even, steady, sure,

There it is, in my son’s Mathematics Work from school…geometry, fractions…

Connected, calm, somehow, peace,

Just a little piece, reset in my brain to reset priority and focus on my son and his math and no more,

No doubt I’ll do more, more to the bigger picture of work and other priorities,

But home with my sick guy, the questions and the progress and the humor and the joy, that’s grounded in first priorities, forever priority,

Forever a dad first, would that I can see that clarity and trust that, find certainty, every day.

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