My Particular Woe

Woe as me, I’m want to say, reluctant to say…maybe ashamed to say.

Struggle surprises me again, and again, again I say, feel, reluctant woe.

A long time now, it’s stuck around a long time now,

Trying new things and old things and anything to stunt the woe, I say it and strive to live it,

Grateful, gratitude, continuing to learn, continuing to burn through the struggle and difficulty,

To the other side, to the lighted side, burn through to the True Burn, woe burned away,

Then left only light, and lifted spirit, and certainty that I lived it well, my life, not woe, instead won,

One single soul in the universe finding his way.

2 thoughts on “My Particular Woe

  1. Jeff, I have been all too familiar with chronic struggle. I have made it through to where my struggles are of my own choosing.
    I would be honored to listen as you unpack your woes, and sit with you as you sort your struggles, ready to provide whatever support I am capable of, if you should ask for it.
    Please email me if you could use a fresh ear.
    – Eric

    1. BIG thanks, E. Our old classmate Taffany Lim also reached out. Humbled, blessed by the care.

      I shared that insight on “woe” as I way to both exercise my own process (writing does that), but keep it under the basket, as it were, but to share the light of the struggle…and hopefully help someone else too know they are not alone, those who also struggle.

      Thanks for the love, my man, would be cool to connect and share middle-age war stories when we can sync calendars…

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