Time with Murphys

I’ve been blessed to know a few different people with the last name, Murphy. I should likely clarify too, I don’t know that all Murphys are shining stars — although many, many are, no doubt — but two in particular come to mind, friends I’ve know for decades.

One Murphy from middle school on, a person I still look up to, respect, learn from, love; though he’s long moved away, we keep in touch now and again; always easy convo, often insightful, and fun. Murphy One.

The other Murphy I’ve know almost as long as Murphy One. Since college, we’ve been connected, cheered each other on, danced in togas, painted our faces, followed The Path.

Catching up with him is likewise easy and reassuring and soulful.

I work with yet another Murphy; he’s sorta of a blend of the two earlier friendships. I don’t talk to him that often, but love the vibe when we connect on whatever form, admire him, glad to know him. Watching another person successfully navigate life from a bit of distance, that’s a pretty neat perspective as well.

Gotta say, those Murphys, I love ‘em.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murphy?wprov=sfti1

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