Guest Post: Reflection on Grief, by Kim Brown Montenegro

This piece stands with no introduction needed, other than maybe, I can relate. Great insight. Powerful. Realize, then transcend.

Isn’t it interesting how grief shows up?

For me she’s not a thief in the night. More like an old friend who has claimed her proper place to ride shotgun on tonight’s road-trip.

She shows up in the quiet moments when the list has shortened. I’m on my hands and knees scrubbing the carpet not due to a spill but because my nerves can’t take the spot that’s been there for months. Conveniently located in the quiet of my bedroom.
It’s there on hands and knees out of breath with tired arms I see her and say, oh hi. I didn’t expect you this year.

Grief can come when you absolutely know you’ve made the right decision for you, it was what you needed to do. But she peeks in on you every so often to remind you of what once was. Who you were. The dreams you lived, the life you led.

Yet she’s returned. Wanting to make sure you haven’t forgotten.

Those of you who are sitting with your own road trip partner however and whenever they show up— I see you. I know you aren’t alone in loneliness. I share this not so your sad for me, or even for yourself. But so you know you are not alone.

This Christmas [season] feel the vulnerability where you aren’t behind the wheel, you don’t decide the destination, but instead you sit and emotions hit your face like a stream of cold ocean air.”

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