Need It

Gotta say, it’s been a minute since I felt settled for any extended period of time. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got it EASY, all told: a steady, interesting job, pays the bills and then some; more friends than I can count; most important, three healthy, happy kids (overall); I’ve got my health, secure housing, plenty, I mean PLENTY of blessings.

All that said, I’ve had some personal challenges over the last couple years, too; some of that in my family life, some on my professional life (even when it’s overall good, doesn’t mean it’s easy).

And so, AND SO,

I’m SO thankful to have several days off from work to focus on me, my kids, on getting my world together beyond regular day to day / week to week management; but also, to do some planning and living early into 2023.

Need it.

But first, some final catch up and summarize and leave as much info behind just in case…


I frequently say I’m blessed. I frequently feel loved. I mostly feel secure in my life. I’m looking forward to sinking deeper into that blessed state, that security, that love.

Need it.


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