New Year’s Eve

Consider the year just concluded, rear view, another long and varied learning year,

Funny, 15 or 55, I keep learning, or chalking up the bumps so, don’t you know, it’s a way of life? My life anyway my life, whatcha gonna say about it?

Lead with gratitude and love and humble fare such, no crutch, whatcha gonna do about it? Learn and lists made anew, old practice made new again to lasso, and reign in the brain gone quietly spun up again,

Middle of day a fresh list, middle of night a scribbled blog post, reign in, reign in, meditate behind closed eyes in the dark, stay cozy in rest under the covers a bit longer, rest is rest,

Rest assured these word play ramblings and bubbling insights of free form will continue unabated in the new year,

Hoping for a lot more insights and a little more control and containment, more entertainment of the soul, a little more lot more peace in the soul,

New year, new ways, old ways, anyway to find peace and progress and love, always love too, throughline, whatcha gonna do about it?

Rest well, easier in the new year, make it so, new year from the old year, make it so.

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