Hope Springs Eternal

Maybe one of the most human concepts in the universe: HOPE.

New year, same hopes, deep-fired hopes, what keeps us going, planning and effort and hope,

What do you hope for? As I’ve gotten older, it’s more and more good health and satisfaction in life’s experiences every day. Pick something small. Make it good.

Your family? Again good health, and also safety and security, and learning and joy, yes yes, learning and joy.

Your friends? Much the same as above.

Your world? Much the same as above, but also less clutter and uncertainty; more harmony and simplicity, and satisfaction therein.

Our world? Less selfishness, more collective effort and focus and care for those around us and our natural world, more acceptance of science, and compromise, and guiding lights for our collective humanity and all living species.

You? Let’s make it GOOD together.

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