Love Is In The Air

Love indeed, more bubblegum love on this particular Hallmark Holiday. At least, that’s what comes to mind first.

Valentine’s Day. Bubblegum holiday, feels like.

But then, from St. Valentine’s Day a few hundred years back to many centuries back. Regardless of the legend or story, it always comes back to an early Christian religious leader, who was martyred for his beliefs and service. The main message? Love wins.

I prefer this simple message: love wins.

So, to think of all the love in the world, all the expressions and compromises and sacrifices and celebrations. Celebrating those we love. Celebrating the love we all share, should share, have to our benefit, if only we’re open to it.

Love. True manifestation or our humanity. Be open to it.

More on Saint Valentine? Here:’s_Day?wprov=sfti1


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