Two Sleepless Nights

Super power on overdrive, busy brain gets the better of me two nights running,

First day soldiered on, easier, kids around, family fortifying,

Second day need full stop, full stop, need to rest. Unharnessed super power grinds on through the night, insisting on being heard, listened to,

What I have done, haven’t done, need to do, supposed to do, all jumbled and mashed up together. Rushing into my head, filling up every nook and cranny to the very tip top.

Emotions too, flushing through, demanding attention, demanding choice, demanding the moment, insistent.

This Super Power of Rushing Thought needs to be harnessed, some bridle applied to keep control; not sure how, not sure how. So powerful in the moment. What to do?

Pause has power.

Putting a full stop on everything, most things, this action remains yours to take. Caught up in a big swirl of commitments and feelings of calamity, the best action seems to simply be, get off the speeding train as soon as possible.

On the other side of anxiety and busy brain is resilience and restitution of self. Your whole self; the rest of you come together to feel complete and more in control again.

Sometimes it takes sleepless nights to realize the import of you, the rest of you, and reset, and regain your whole self for the better. You take care of you.

Let’s get back to that. Let’s sleep on it.

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