Back to Basics

Didn’t plan it this way, but that’s how it turned out. So much seems this way with parenting and the muddled up, shook up world we sometimes — often? — find ourselves…

Back to basics, settling in on what’s right in front of you, not looking too far ahead,

Dishes and laundry, breakfast and lunch, funny how long that all can take,

Easy start to the day translates to easy does it as the hours tick off, clock on the wall telling you the day’s waning,

Easy does it, easy does it,

Unexpected tantrum turns to unexpected action upon action to fix things, improve the situ, parenting at it’s best,

My best, anway. My best seems to be just a little short, or over the top, depending on the topic and the time, I ponder or panic, depending on the moment,

No pause when I decide it’s high time to clear and clean the bottom pantry on a whim,

What is the expiration date on that can of beans, bag of chips? Whoo wee, time flies…!

And so the afternoon wanes, jazz jumbles out from the kitchen corner, as I tap away at the counter,

Gray sky, brisk winter air, birds chirp on the feeder, nearly empty again, such a delight to hear them sing just on the other side,

Other side of the day gotta say, with all the muddled up shook up world,

So thankful for basics, solid base for everday.

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