Funny Thing, Love Wins

Funny thing. I’m sort of an old dad. Perspective? When my grandpa was my age I was three.

Juxtaposed, I’ve got a 12, 10, and 9 year old just now. Know I’ve shared that before, but it bears repeating, my crew, they’re in the mix of it all growing up, sweet spot, sweet.

Funny thing. It’s both top of mind and not at all for me. Depends on the day. Most days I feel pretty damn good about being a guy my age with school age kids.

Funny thing, keeps ya young for sure. Mind you, I feel every bit of my 50-some years physically, but emotionally, spiritually, parentally, I feel right in the moment. And damn good about it.

SO thankful for these kids. So blessed for the opportunity and the lessons and the love.



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