Flow State

In many facets of life, find the flow state,

Find harmony,

Find peace.

Don’t need many words, works to get there,

And when you do,


Not sure how, not sure the definition,

Especially as a parent, especially as a single parent,

How to find that groove, flow,

But when you do, even just a glimpse,

Moves you forward, aware, appreciative, glad,

In that space, mindset, BLISS.

Channel The Earlies

I work for a bio tech company. We manufacture right here in good ol’ northern California, San Francisco Bay Area.

You might have heard we have about 9 million people in the metro area. Our company is sorta smack in the middle of it. That is to say, there are a LOT of people on the roads, especially during commute hours.

So this post is to some of my co-workers who rally to work in the early hours. I do it on occasion.

If I pulled the lever correctly, I’m already at work when this post hits.

Get after it early, like my man Bob, Dennis, Ty, Ricky, and others…

Much respect. Making it GOOD.


With your peeps, that’s when you likely most often experience fellowship.

Your team, your particularly tight work group, high school bunch, college crew, church regulars, you get the idea.

When you experience fellowship with people you just only met? That fellowship?

Well that’s a little different special; that’s a little bit of special magic. And then?

Then you say you’re double blessed.

A Land War in Europe: Russia Invades Ukraine

It’s been nearly 77 years since the end of the Second World War (WWII).

Let this date be marked in history, 24 February 2022, as the day that peace was broken.

Russian troops began an invasion of Ukraine, another sovereign country, on this date.

And so I feel compelled to suspend the usual themes of perseverance and positivity this blog
normally aheres to, return to my earlier academic roots as a political scientist, and share some thoughts on the Russian invasion.

My first training, Comparative Politics. My particular focus: the Soviet Union.

Heavy doses of the post-WWII rivalry, the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States,

Arms Race, Arms Control, rival economic models,

The geopolitical realities,

What the politicians want,

What the people want,

I lived amongst the Russians and Ukrainians. Ordinary people.

People want the same thing.

Opportunity, progress for their families, and peace.

Extremes don’t play well, in general. Big changes take time,

They can’t be forced; the changes or the people.

We’ve seen it in the United States for sure. Changes take time. Concensus. Compromise.

That’s what sticks.

Putin is forcing his hand. Putin somehow strangely thinks he can bring back the control and influence of Russia in the Soviet Times.

I actually believe full well that Russia DOES have a place as a major influencer in the work.

But not in this manner.

This manner is folly.

This manner can only end badly.

This manner has changed European, indeed global security forever.

It’s the dawn of a new age, suddenly.

How will well-meaning, like-minded people now respond?

Time will tell the resolve we have, the commitment we have to a better way.

Putin’s way? Not better.

He must not prevail.


Black History Month 2022: Code Switch – Can Therapy Solve Racism?

This show gives a lot of important insights on racism; I found this particular episode especially insightful.

Take a listen; worth your time while you do the dishes or fold the laundry.


This podcast? Always worth it.

Black History Month 2022: Bill Russell

Before MJ, before LeBron, Koby, Larry, Steph, et. al., there was Bill Russell.

University of San Francisco Dons.

Boston Celtics.

2 National championships as a college player; 10 championships as a professional player.

Hard worker, intelligent player, dominant player who came up when racism was overpowering the country.

Thanks for showing us the way, Bill.

Black History Month 2022: Billie Holiday

A voice like no other, a lady who shined sublime on stage, overcame difficulties and demons, Billie Holiday.

She played with the jazz greats, like Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, and others.

She had many hit songs, including the controversial “Strange Fruit”.

She has a unique place in the great history of jazz music, an inspired voice and performer, cut down too soon by alcohol and drug abuse.

Her voice lives on, amen amen.

“Strange Fruit” here: https://youtu.be/-DGY9HvChXk

A Wiki-summary here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billie_Holiday?wprov=sfti1

Black History Month 2022: Clerow “Flip” Wilson

“The devil made me do it…!”


“What you see is what you get…!”

So said “Geraldine”, one of the several characters Clerow “Flip”Wilson created to deliver his comedy.

One of the funniest people I ever heard. One of the best smiles, one of the brightest personalities…”Flip” Wilson.

First African-American Host of a TV Variety Show. He won a couple Emmy Awards for it.

He also won a Grammy for his comedy album, “The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress.”

He was an early trailblazer for African-Americans in a White entertainment world that existed at the time…and he dominated, beloved by millions.

“The Devil…“, listen below for the marque bit.