News of Chester Bennington’s suicide has me slowly shaking my head in frustration. The Linkin Park frontman left the world far too early, taking his own life at age 41. 

“Another one gone”, I can only think.

His passing marks the latest of several public faces that have meant so much to so many through their lives and art. And then each decided to end end it, check out, commit suicide.

Ronnie Montrose. Robin Williams. Chris Cornell. And now Chester Bennington. 

So very sad, for sure. But SO frustrating, too.  

These posts from twitter give some sense of the tragedy of suicide. In this case they’re about Bennington (mostly), but the themes of darkness and pain and resulting loss are universal.

Famous or not, EVERY life matters. 

No one should give up on hope, no one should give up on life.  

No matter how dark it is, there is light out there for you.  

Say No to the pain, don’t let it have the last word. Don’t let the anxiety and depression win.  

Stay in the fight.  Accept, and transcend, and KEEP GOING.

Finally, put this number in your phone. I just did. 

You never know when you might change someone’s life, by saving it.


A Little Hungry? GOOD.

It’s a good idea to be a little hungry. Even used to it.  Not starving, malnourished, or any other otherwise at-risk state.  Just hungry.  Here’s what I mean.

You want to be a little hungry so you don’t over eat.  It’s all about portion control, at least here in the U.S.  The restaurants, by and large, don’t help.  They serve HUGE plates of food. At least two servings, if not maybe three.  That doesn’t mean you have to eat the whole thing in one sitting.  Don’t, in fact.

Case in point:  I was reading the results of a recent study that was addressing the miss-guided criticism of eating pasta.  It’s not pasta that makes one fat, it’s that many people eat too much of it.  Small portions equal the right amount.

Allow yourself to be a little hungry.

How else can you apply this simple principle?   Be hungry to learn.  Stay curious.  Keep pushing yourself to read new things, try new tools, check out a new website. Take a cooking class.  Or woodwork.  Or tap-dance. Whatever your fancy, Keep Learning.

What else?  For those things you already do well, do often, are good at…stay hungry to keep striving, to be a wee bit better.  Keep the ax sharp.

Yep, it’s good to have a healthy yearning for more.  In fact, it will make the world a better place.

Stay hungry.

International Women’s Day 2016

800px-Frauentag_1914_Heraus_mit_dem_FrauenwahlrechtIt was probably destiny.

I come from a family of two boys, me and my brother.  Our mother was outnumbered.  It was just mom and the three boys (dad included).  So we heard from time to time, especially during our adolescent years, how we needed to respect women, and in particular mom.  She wasn’t about to let us roll over her.  And we didn’t.

Then when I got to college, there were a group of very intelligent, independent, stand-up-for-yourself young ladies I became friends with.  I called them the the “power women of Santa Clara University”, because they were all about leadership, speaking up about things that concerned them (and everyone), and making a difference in the world.  Lots more respect for women came out of those years.

So as a result, I think I’ve always been comfortable with girls, women, ladies.  Though that trait didn’t always translate to being readily successful on the dating scene, I’ve always had women friends.  I get along with them and seem to empathize effectively.  Yep, all in all, I can understand and relate to women pretty well I think (however, my wife might say different, at least some of the time).

Now I find myself with two daughters of my own.  It all seems to have fallen into place.  The next chapter is well underway in my life now.

I can say this for sure:  Though I know gender equality has a long way to go, it’s a lot better than it was even fifty years ago (at least in the U.S.).  I’m glad my girls will grow up here.

They’ll have great opportunities with women’s sports in school.  Professionally they’ll have a chance to work in a much broader array of disciplines and fields than girls had even just a generation ago (and further back too, of course).  Sure, glass ceilings still exist, but it’s getting better.  The awareness certainly is much greater.

There are more women in leadership, both in public life, and in industry.

There are fine organizations like He for She that are doing amazing work to further women’s issues and rights AROUND THE WORLD.

There’s the work of people like Yassmin Abdel-Magied ~ a young women bending stereotypes from start to finish and inspiring young people (and many others!) to make a difference in the way they think and act and DO.

Closer to my home, there are the Silicon Valley Roller Girls.  This organization is grass-roots, runs several flat track roller derby teams for ladies (part of a national movement of teams and leagues around the US) , and is all about empowering women, especially as they come of age from adolescence.

Yep, with my two girls now to the fore of my mind every day, my lifetime orientation to women is at a whole new level.  I’m glad to know there’s so much awareness and effort and action behind moving the world toward gender equality.

A lot more good stuff on this topic found here:



Good begets GOOD: Humaneity 2.0

As is evident from the majority of my writing, tweets, and the like, I’m a big believer in the power of the “Good Attitude.”

Everything starts from within the individual:  an idea, a few words, an action, a situation that requires a response, something creates the spark. A good attitude provides the foundation for everything that follows.   But a good attitude not only means energizing oneself. From that starting place, we then having the spirit to take the step toward creating more good.

So Good Attitude results in Good Actions. Good begets more good. Word gets out. Here’s an example.

A few years back I reconnected with a work colleague I’d known when we both worked for the same major, multinational corporation a long while back.  At the time he was running a multifaceted social enterprise called “Humaneity“.  One of ventures within the enterprise was a periodic publication, Humaneity Magazine.  My friend from Humaneity invited me to do some writing for the magazine, and I jumped at the chance.

Writing for the magazine was great fun.  I had a fantastic experience creating content for the periodical and it spurred me forward to see my name on the byline of published work.  Some of the pieces I created were based on research alone, but I also had the good fortune of interviewing some of my “subjects.” I even wrote the feature for one of the magazine issues.

Unfortunately, the magazine eventually ended up closing shop for lack of key fiscal support it had received.  I look back on that time with nothing but a good attitude though:  I learned a lot, met some great people, and was thankful for the opportunity.

Well, this week, Humaneity came calling again.

It seems my old friend has decided to kick-start the magazine, and asked me if I’d be interested in getting on board once again and do some writing for the new magazine.  I’m pretty excited about the prospect of working with this innovative and energized team a second time around.  I’m pretty excited about spreading more good through the many stories that are out there about people making a positive difference for each other.

As a primer for the new magazine project, I’ll be sharing the stories I wrote for Humaneity on this blog over the next several posts.

Stay tuned. It’s all GOOD.