SAL’s Other View

Learned a lot from this guy in a short amount of time.

Doer, for sure.

After grinding for decades in his work, refreshed, more balanced perspective.

As mentioned previous,

He’s a supply chain guy, but also a musician, and commercial fisherman.

He’s a no BS, get it done sorta dude. He’s got some sorta magic; I want what he’s got. Quiet contentment.

Good sense of where “work” fits into life. Not a guy to shy away, but also not one to be consumed,

Fun to find this unexpected example of good work — skills, ethic, attitude,

Good to have SAL around, real good,

Easy to see why the water calls him…he’s like the ocean,

Sure, straight forward, those traits aren’t timeless.

Thankful for SAL~~~

All Work Valued

This is a must for optimum, long-term value and operation of an organization.

Critical, tactical work. Keeping the production going forward.

Deep work. The thinkers who design and decide the paths of the business.

All skilled labor. All who bring their unique abilities to bear to further the objectives and goals of the organization.

All labor valued, those who keep the organization together as it churns along.

All valued.

Super Power: Key Lime

Really lucky, complimentary drinks at work, something besides coffee or water to drink,

Love it, so grateful,

Recently the vendor changed that provides this very thoughtful service, seems the available variety has been parred down,

We still have Lime, but alas, Key Lime has apparently been nixed, didn’t make the cut,

And so, this last can I saved from a month or so back, will pop the can soon to toast the new work year,

Unleash the particular (silly?) magic I attribute to this particularly special flavored can of bubbly water,

I’ll drink to my colleagues, to the reborn enterprise we all toil for, cheer on, believe in,

Believe in the particular (silly?) good that will come from this simple gesture,

PROST!, and here’s to 2022, real GOOD coming…!

Goat Trails

Back when I started at the company under which I’m currently employed, we were in five
buildings near each other in a sort of quasi cul-de-sac.

My buddy and I would sometimes walk together between buildings, as was necessary depending
on what had to be done; different departments were housed in separate buildings.

And my buddy would take different paths at different times, and depending on where he was going; at the time,
I remember thinking it was interesting, the diffrent routes. He called them “goat trails”, I think.

I find myself still using goat trails — different routes from A to B — to get around, even though the company is now in one larger building that fits everyone.

I especially like to use the stairs, even though most of my work activities happen one the first floor.

The stairs provide a bit more exercise, which I definitely need. Also adds steps, to help me toward my daily goal of 10,000 steps (and 10 floors).

Walking every hour (necessary to reach to goal) doesn’t take long, gives the mind a little micro-break, and is good for your health all around — physical and mental — nothing better, I’ve found.

Keep going, however you can, I think that’s the message. FORWARD.

Draw The Line

So many different references this simple phrase represents; it all boils down to a parameter. That which you don’t want to cross.

Looking back to Monday, it was a company holiday, but I’d been thinking about doing a little work anyway as a primer for the week.

I resisted. I drew the line at working on a paid holiday, so decreed by my employer.

But lots to do, lots to do…then I think, I could work 24/7 and it’d still be a big hill to climb…so much, but also only so much to give for work, to the churning machine that never sleeps…

So I doubled down on kids time.

And I did a few things around the house; still plenty to do there as well; constant swirl it feels like there too.

And more kids time.

And now the weekend, another chance to draw the line; kids grow up fast, the time with them is precious, truly precious…and so draw that line for them.

Pretty happy about that line.

Pretty darn good.

All We Do

Personal Life, Home Life, Work Life, Social Life, Service Life, all we do, how to do?!

How to balance, prioritize, attend,

Say Yes, say No, how and when, when when when?

Find the bits, find the time, find it within yourself each hour, each day,

For all you do, all the demands and pulls and sense of need,

How to find the time for all that needs us, all the draws, flawed thinking,

That we can do all of it all time, no no, find blocks of time, bits of time,

Like now, for all of it, for you, and it’s enough,

Enough said.

Write Way

A reoccurring theme this year, over several years, really the whole of my life, or most of it. As we close out the year, reflecting back, the last couple, ‘20, ‘21, quite a doozy they’ve been.

Just now? Sitting in darkened room, morning light sneaking through still-drawn curtains, rocking chair in the corner, listening to my youngest stir in her last throws of slumber.

She came in near Midnight, afraid of something; then proceeded to take up most of my bed the rest of the night. She woke me a couple of times because I was snoring.

Last couple days of time off, days run together with three kids in the house and rainy outside most of the time; got out when we could, can, for some minor adventures. Most time together since their mom moved out, divorce final a couple weeks back.

And so what do I do just now? Just about nearly for sure every day? I write it down. A few lines, scribbled down. It’s the right way for me, the write way.

I’ve wandered through a varied career centered on business and people and how to get things done. It’s been nearly exactly what I’d thought I didn’t want. But it’s what I’ve got.

What I’ve made of it? A living, a lot of learning, good times along the way, good friends too, here and there, it’s been a life made the most of what has come. I think. I hope.

Why am I? Who am I? Why write? I’m a counselor, a cheerleader, in a commercial career? What’s right about that? Honest path to the forks in the road. And so now of late some several years in this ether space, scribble it all down and share it all out, to capture the times, the thoughts, maybe just maybe, a little worth it.

Worth it for me, for sure. I know I know, good to go. It’s the write way, and let them judge, down the road a ways, or just around the bend, whenever it will be let it be,

Ok, all ok, whatever the feedback, response, reaction, let it be, all ok.

Daughter stirs and I pause, a sniffle, she blows her nose — like her old man, oft congested — and then burrows deep under cover again, again to slumber, vacation mornings, that sleep is best when warm, thick, extended.

And so another scribble complete, captured the moment, the year, the last couple, some of it anyway,

and more will come soon, when I write again, my truth, or part of it anyway, some to say and more tell and the words will keep spilling from my tongue,

And what ‘22 will bring? More wandering, more learning and cheering and doing, surly more of Jeff’s ponderings, ok ok, all ok,

The write way.

Take It

Take the moment when you can, whenever offered, sneak a little in. What’s that, you say?

A little time for yourself, a little time for an errand, for that article you’ve been meaning to read, that piece you’ve been meaning to write.

Just a little time, a pause, sometimes all you need,

Unplanned, the chance, the choice to make it so, whatever it is, tweak the narrative, the plan, make it a little better, for you, maybe for others.

I find sometimes, often overwhelmed by it all, ebb and flow, more and more, how to go, forward, actions and thoughts, and purpose,

On purpose? Intentional, that’s how I want to live, and connected, how does it relate to the taking?

Much of it, the how and why, come down to taking the leap when given the chance, and lean in, and persevere, and forward ever forward,

Take it,


The Grandeur of Littleness

Snippets for a while from Francis’ Christmas Eve Homily, 2021,

This to begin,

“Today, all is turned upside down: God comes into the world in littleness. His grandeur appears in littleness.”

So simple, so profound. Reset your mind, your soul to this truth.

Seek, Embrace, Love the littleness you encounter, you live,

God is in the littleness.