When we talk about productivity, especially in a house with little kids and the chaotic, spontaneous environment that is typical, I think a lot about getting things done whenever possible, whenever the moment presents itself.  My wife is really good at this.  Or at least, she sure seems to be better than I am.

There are snippets of time here and there during any given day, where we have the discretion to do what we want.  It’s in these moments that we have to be able to quickly focus, review the open to-do list, make a decision, and execute.

The decision might be to get the dishes done; it might be to pay a bill; it might be to check an account; it might be to scribble a note to a loved one; it might be to take a five minute nap; it might be to sweep the floor; it might be to finish the article I was reading, or listening to the last ten minutes of a podcast, or take a few deep breaths, or go for a short walk, or…

It really could be anything.  The key is, are you ready?  Is your mind ready to make the most of the moment?

For me it comes down to centering and focusing,  recognizing the moment, and taking quick action.  That’s where I’ve been sorely lacking. I stay scattered.  I’m distracted. I miss the opportunity.

And so that’s where I intend to pay more attention from here forward.  I’m going to improve the manner in which I respond.  I’m going to take that snippet when offered, and make it positive, more productive, and thus…GOOD.

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