Teach Them to Care

Let’s take another spin on the concept of caring, and why it’s so important. The environment, Mother Earth, one planet for all of us, we have to take care of it.


Simple lessons are the best, that teach the proper approach, that create sustainable actions that help humanity conserve.

Like what?

Like The three R’s Jack Johnson sang about: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

Sing the song, spread the word. The efforts, the practices don’t get old. They’re timeless.

I remember an old friend’s story about what they did at her house to conserve. Her example with the plastic zip-loc bags her family used. It wasn’t one and done. They washed the bags out, let them dry, use them again.

The underlying lesson? We have to teach our kids to give a damn.  It carries over.  It teaches responsibility. It’s timeless.

It CAN make a difference. It DOES. WE can make a difference. Each of us can. And we have to.

To survive.

Love Your Mother.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.



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