We carry pocket computers around all the time now.   It’s your smartphone.

We use them for any myriad of things, including a LOT of communication:  via voice, via email, any of several software applications that allow instant chat (think WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, etc.) and of course, SMS text messaging.

These handy little devices have become ubiquitous, with all age groups, with all demographic groups, regardless of geography.  People in the rural areas of Africa and Asia have smart phones as their only means of communication.  Truly wonderous devices.

But they can also get us into trouble.  How?

Like when you carry the phone in your pocket, and it’s not on Sleep Mode, and you errantry dial someone — it’s called “butt dialing”, by some.  Usually no real harm, but you never know…

Or you accidently send a text message like the one in the title.   I did that last week.  Lucky for me I sent it to a buddy who just sent me an Eye Roll Emoji in reply.


But here’s the main point:  Mistakes happen, and that’s ok.  The key is to do you best not to make the same mistake again.   It might be a trivial error, it might not.  But if you make the effort to consistently improve, you will in fact get better.  You’ll make less mistakes.  And that’s GOOD for everyone.


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