The Church.  Big C or little c? Depends on your use of the word, your attitude, your perspective. It means many different things to many different people. 

I grew up going to church. I think I’ve shared that here before. It was one of the cornerstones that shaped my growing up.

What I learned from that time was that for me personally, going to “church” is an attitude, a mindset, a state of being. And when I’m in that space, I gain insight and I feel at home and I’m at peace.

Would that we could go to church everyday, and be in that state of mind everyday. I suspect that’s what God wants for us, at least in part. And to have community together, and to help each other. 

I’d call that GOOD.


No Expectations


Let this face be your worst.  Neutral.

Strive to be void of emotional response, allowing those things that trouble you to pass by.

Float above the chaos, accept things as they are.

Fill your heart with hope, but expect and prepare for the worst.

In this way you are emotionally protected from the inevitable difficulty and strife and struggle and misery.

And then?

Be a light to the world.


Little Red Teapot


Little Red Teapot, metaphor for a good wife and thus, a good life.

I started drinking loose-leaf tea recently, and my wife was quick to offer up her red teapot for me to use.  She got it several years back on a short vacation we took to London.

I’ve been using the pot pretty well every day since then, enjoying green and black teas, as well as Rooibos, Oolong, and others.  It’s fun, and delicious.  And hopefully healthy too.

Point is, my honey let me use pot with open-ended term.   And she even got me the teapot cozy to keep the beverages warmer, longer.

On this day then, our ninth wedding anniversary, I want to raise proverbial cup of tea to my dear wife, my better half, the mom to our three kids, the person who has made my life so much more complete.

May we have nine times nine more years together to enjoy everything our blessed life together has to offer.



Ave Maria


Áve María, grátia pléna, Dóminus técum. Benedícta tū in muliéribus, et benedíctus frúctus véntris túi, Iésus.[10]Sáncta María, Máter Déi, óra pro nóbis peccatóribus, nunc et in hóra mórtis nóstrae. Ámen.

[Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God,pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.]

A great man and old friend is being laid to rest this weekend.  Tonight his family and friends will pray the Rosary as part of that process.  My prayer for them is that they find comfort in the rite, healing for their broken hearts, and support being together.

The “Hail Mary” is (for me) the cornerstone of the Rosary, and the prayer I’ve said over and over to create a sense of calm within when I’ve struggled, especially over life-changing events with my family.   So though I can’t be at the services for my friend, I send my prayers in his memory and for him, and for his family.





Hiatus [Snippet]

So of late, I’ve been missing the mark on my goal of getting a blog post up everyday. Bit of a mini-hiatus has resulted.  Some gaps in the thread.  None too pleased.

Things have been getting away from me a bit of late.  Too, TOO many balls in the air.  Most I’m used to, I agreed to juggle ’em…but then someone tosses another…and ANOTHER.  Whew.

But then hey, that’s life.  All good.    Just wanted to acknowledge the gap.  Done. Now?


Like I said:  All GOOD.

Proving Ground


Simple lessons regularly applied, that’s how we get better.

Improvement comes from repeated effort.

You can apply this basic truth to several areas:  intelligence, learning, strength, endurance, overall health, relationships.

These steps and these weights are simple things I use to try to get better: to be stronger, to tune my mind for the day ahead. 

It’s best to start early. It’s best to do it everyday. I don’t make it happen everyday, but most days, I do.

You can too. Create a proving ground where you work to get better, work to be ready.