What should be open to adjustment? Just about everything, in my mind.

Schedules, approach, expectations (if you’re holding on to those), requirements to be happy.

We spend a lot of time planning and preparing and getting ready: to accomplish objectives, achieve goals, win games, live the best life we can.

What gets in the way? Those instances that occur in the very life we are trying to perfect: Illness, injury, accident, colliding with other peoples’ plans and egos, revolution.

That doesn’t mean flip-flop your core values or what you otherwise believe in, changing with the wind, with the current of the day. rudderless and unsure.

But it does mean you need to know just what your core values are, and let them guide you. If something is against your core value, then it calls for serious reflection and decision…you may need to adjust, or maybe just walk away from that situation.

It’s one of the ultimate human dichotomies: Find the balance of living by the values you’ve settled on, and being happy, and all those decisions in between.

Be ready to ADJUST.

Church, Redux

Tweeted earlier, worth a post:

“Been in this mindset a lot lately. Several friends facing life-threatening illness.

A couple mentor figures recently passed on. “Church” can be anywhere, when you lean on your faith.

Teach your kids to do the same.”

It’ll shore them up for the tough times.

Get yourself to church.  It’ll do you GOOD.



Come along, weekend roadtrip, with thanks to Alex, Geddy, and of course, Neil…


‘To seek the sacred river Alph
To walk the caves of ice
To break my fast on honeydew
And drink the milk of Paradise…’

I had heard the whispered tales of immortality
The deepest mystery
From an ancient book I took a clue
I scaled the frozen mountain tops of eastern lands unknown
Time and Man alone
Searching for the lost Xanadu


To stand within the Pleasure Dome
Decreed by Kubla Khan
To taste anew the fruits of life
The last immortal man
To find the sacred river Alph
To walk the caves of ice
Oh, I will dine on honeydew
And drink the milk of Paradise

A thousand years have come and gone but time has passed me by
Stars stopped in the sky
Frozen in an everlasting view
Waiting for the world to end, weary of the night
Praying for the light
Prison of the lost


Held within the Pleasure Dome
Decreed by Kubla Khan
To taste my bitter triumph
As a mad immortal man
Nevermore shall I return
Escape these caves of ice
For I have dined on honeydew
And drunk the milk of Paradise

And here’s the tune…GOOD.


The Church.  Big C or little c? Depends on your use of the word, your attitude, your perspective. It means many different things to many different people. 

I grew up going to church. I think I’ve shared that here before. It was one of the cornerstones that shaped my growing up.

What I learned from that time was that for me personally, going to “church” is an attitude, a mindset, a state of being. And when I’m in that space, I gain insight and I feel at home and I’m at peace.

Would that we could go to church everyday, and be in that state of mind everyday. I suspect that’s what God wants for us, at least in part. And to have community together, and to help each other. 

I’d call that GOOD.


No Expectations


Let this face be your worst.  Neutral.

Strive to be void of emotional response, allowing those things that trouble you to pass by.

Float above the chaos, accept things as they are.

Fill your heart with hope, but expect and prepare for the worst.

In this way you are emotionally protected from the inevitable difficulty and strife and struggle and misery.

And then?

Be a light to the world.


Little Red Teapot


Little Red Teapot, metaphor for a good wife and thus, a good life.

I started drinking loose-leaf tea recently, and my wife was quick to offer up her red teapot for me to use.  She got it several years back on a short vacation we took to London.

I’ve been using the pot pretty well every day since then, enjoying green and black teas, as well as Rooibos, Oolong, and others.  It’s fun, and delicious.  And hopefully healthy too.

Point is, my honey let me use pot with open-ended term.   And she even got me the teapot cozy to keep the beverages warmer, longer.

On this day then, our ninth wedding anniversary, I want to raise proverbial cup of tea to my dear wife, my better half, the mom to our three kids, the person who has made my life so much more complete.

May we have nine times nine more years together to enjoy everything our blessed life together has to offer.