Deep Day Tuesday

Sick Bay Log, 20171219

One of the kids has been sick for a few days. She soldiered through school last week, had a better weekend, then hit the wall yesterday.

So I planned to stay home with her today. Then our son with sniffly nose went over the edge overnight, so he stayed home too. 

It was a whiny, runny nose, tissue-heavy, screen-filled day thru Noon. Naps ensued around one this afternoon.  

I’ve gotten a little Lions work done (for the service club I belong to). Read more news than usual. Ate kid leftovers for breakfast. 

Several pots of tea later, it’s mid-afternoon, naps continue for the moment, and the afternoon sun is slowly falling, making the living room darker, the Christmas lights on the tree and mantle brighter. 

The Count of Monte Cristo calls, so I must go. A little pleasure reading on a day deep in the blah of kids home with illness.

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