COVID-19: Sick House

Dug in for the week, per protocol, quarantine, don’t co-mingle. Might be into two weeks. Suck it up.

Kept my germs to myself. Until our older daughter tested positive; then number two daughter tested positive; then we shared the Sick House, giving each other space as best we could. Into the second week now, waiting for the Negative.

Sick germs and sick germs, and sick germs, better to keep them together.

Time slows at a sick house; external matters are buffered; the need to heal up is paramount. Or should be.

Lots of reading. Some naps. Screen. Big, small. Tax Returns. Not much else. Lots of tea.

I read somewhere this week a pro-ported “author, speaker, teacher” who questioned Germ Theory.

Really? Silly rabbit.

Here at the Sick House we believe in science. We’re following that model to get to the other side.


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