Downing Time

“Downing”, you ask…? Well, not “10 Downing Street”, but rather my mom’s maiden family name.

Her family was her younger sister and her, along with their parents (my grandparents).

Been thinking more about that side of my family, lately. My dad was from the east coast, so don’t see the Ludlum Side often. It’s been twenty years, anyway.

So the Downing Side is the family focus. Has been. They’re here in California, same region. Come to think of it, that’s been my broader family focus from well before I had kids myself.

When my grandparents were alive and they were in San Jose during their final years, I’d stop by their house on the way home from work for a bourbon and a chat. I went to church a few times with my grandpa. After he died I’d take my grandma to her church.

They’ve both been gone a long while. Now my mom and aunt are up their; both can benefit from more frequent connections. Tho’ I have three school-age kid of my own now, I do what I can to visit, support, be in regular touch.

I fall short for sure, but I know the right thing to do. More touches are better.

Don’t want them to feel isolated. That’s no fun ever, especially when one gets on in years.

Need to spend the time. You can’t get it back. Spend the time.

Downing Time.

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