Perspective Reset

Two things this week went down that provided a healthy and much-needed reset.

Not easy, mind you, not water into wine change, but a good dose of the real world, and what matters most.

It’s crazy busy at work right now; end-of-year rush, new product introductions, short-staffed, everything URGENT AND MUST BE DONE NOW. A lot of pressure, suffice to say.

And then these happen:

One, there was a shelter-in-place incident at my oldest kid’s school. Bomb threat. A BOMB THREAT. Everything turned out fine; maybe like often, these threats prove false. But there’s been enough mass school shootings that one never knows. what matters more than the crazy work scene? The lives of my family, and especially my kids.

Two, I went in to work extra earlier than normal the other day; I was on-site at like 630a. Around 715a I remembered it was also one of the special days during the week I’m supposed to pick up my youngest kid from her mom’s house and drop her off early to school. At 745am. But I was at work 20 miles away. NOT GOOD.

Thankfully, our good friend and neighbor was able to step in and take her to school and make the early arrival.

The rest of the day I thought about how preoccupied I’ve been with work issues, that I forgot a key family responsibility and let my daughter down.

NOT ok.

And so one, two, RESET.

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